Thursday, July 02, 2009

too many t-shirts

i am not the best at clothes shopping. i will buy something and think it looks good at the store, but get home and discover that it was the worst purchase ever. my wife accuses me of never looking at the price and just buying. one of her biggest annoyances is all of the t-shirts i have. i claim that all of them are not public viewing t-shirts due to the fact they fit funny (i am made funny. i have big shoulders and a small frame. i am kind of built like a penguin).
yet last night i bought another t-shirt. it is a cool looking batman tee that fits perfectly over this round body. i was happy with my purchase and i figured my wife would be as well.
i was wrong.
she first accused me of already having the shirt and when i proved her wrong, she began counting my shirts. i tried to defend myself, but there is no way to satisfy angie when she thinks she is right.
so my goal for the next month is to avoid buying t-shirts.i will just start wearing the ones that show off my man boobs and the short ones to show off my bum...
that will teach her and everyone else around me!

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Anonymous said...

josh owns an absurd amount of t-shirts with beer logos on them and he only wears about 10% of them because if the fit ... maybe he is your kindred spirit after all?