Friday, February 29, 2008

sour belly

when i woke up at 2 this morning i should have realized that it was going to be a rough day. normally i sleep sound through the whole night, but last night was a struggle. my stomach was feeling funny and my dreams were keeping my mind from resting.
when the alarm sounded i knew right then something wasn't right. i walked slowly to the shower and then it hit. the smell of satan i have heard it called. sour belly. if you have never heard of this let me explain what it is.
it is this nasty sour smell that comes out when you burp. there is no control and no hiding it. everyone in the room knows you have it. you can drink all of the pepto you want and chew all of the gum in the world, but there is no relief from the smell.
i sit in my office praying that i don't burp. i don't want anyone to witness this evil smell. it's like farting out of your mouth. the odd thing is, i can't figure out what could have caused it. i would have had to eaten some dairy, but i didn't yesterday. i had subway.
oh.. here comes a burp. holy crap.. i shouldn't work today. i need to spare those who work around me.
on a different note. you need to buy the new thrice: alchemy index. wonderful cd. the music goes from hard to somewhat soft. it is kind of like captain planet or the last avatar. fire, water, earth, and air. trust me. you will want this cd...
oh.. that was a deep belly burp.

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