Tuesday, February 19, 2008

easter is coming

as a christian i love easter. it is a time when i stop and look at the sacrifice Jesus made for me. how his death freed me from sin and made a way for me to get close to God.
there are some bad memories attached to easter. like how everyone wants me to sing "watch the lamb" an old ray boltz song. sure it is pretty, but come on. i have been singing that since i was a freshman in high school. let me move on from the perm and the mullet.
needless to say Jesus' resurrecton is my favorite thing about easter, but my second favorite are the reese's easter eggs.. oh my gosh.. they are wonderful. they are so full of peanut butter and so moist and tasty. mmmmm.... i think i need to go get one.

1 comment:

Zach! said...

Wait. Are those back in stores now?!

Must. Go. To. Grocery Store.