Monday, November 12, 2007

update on danny

i woke up around 7 in the waiting room. other people had entered the waiting room and i wondered what i looked like sleeping on those hard chairs. my body twisted in ways that most people my weight could never twist themselves into. i also knew i looked pretty rough. the man across from me fought to hold his laughter as i raised up.. i had a huge pillow mark across my face. i found my way to the restroom and splashed water on my face. i just wanted to hurry up and check on danny.
when i enter his room i notice he was watching joyce meyers. i became very afraid. has he felt the cold touch of death? is he afraid that his relationship with God needs to be strengthened?
"what are you watching?"
"i got stuck on it." he exclaims.
my fears have eased. then he goes on to tell me what happened throughout the night.. well. actually just two things.. the first was kind of funny, but the second one is really funny. so i am going to tell it. apparently danny has found a way to pee on his arm. not his forearm, but close to his shoulder. while using his pee jug he became lazy and let go and peed on himself. to many this may seem sad. as in a young person losing control of themselves, but i know danny. he is just lazy.
he is doing well this morning. last night he seemed a little down, but this morning he is laughing and making fun of me.. which means he is doing well.
i will be heading home sometime today. i have to prepare for work tomorrow. i will give more updates as i learn more about danny's health. thank you for your prayers.

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