Thursday, August 09, 2007

too many little time to tell them all

i know that it has been a while since i have placed my words and thoughts on the web to be viewed by the two people who read my blog. so as i sit in my office at work- i try to think of ways to tell the stories of the past couple of weeks. better yet- what should i leave out?... i could tell you about the most manly night i have ever had or pawl's (the man of honor) night before his best friend's wedding. there are so many other things floating around inside my head it is hard for me to latch on to even one of them. this could be due to the fact that i am out of adderall. i go today to get some more of my life giving drug this afternoon, but in this moment how can i possibly write out what you want to hear? should i just wait? should i just lay my head down and cry? NO! i will write as one who has not allowed their mind to be altered and force the words from my mind to my hands for the one's who demand more of my attention. this is for you baby (not really calling anyone baby.. just a term. so please don't think i am talking to you)!

let me begin with "the night of the manly men". it started on friday afternoon. my friend matt sevinsky(a very manly man with a thick neck. football player and all around stud according to the young girls that work with him at camp) and i (not very manly, but somewhat manly. sure i can spit, but it normally stays on my chin. i can however shoot a gun without blinking) were going into the big city of lexington. we had no clue what we were going to do, but we were going. normally when you ride in my car with me i control the music, but in my heart i felt like i should allow matt to take control. he was a visitor and he was leaving the next day to return to VA. he plugs his i-pod into the stereo and what do i hear? 80's music. ok.. i am not a huge fan, but for some reason it grew on me, but what is this? is he dancing? yes he is. i am not sure if it was because i was tired or if i was just amazed, but i found myself laughing as he danced. it wasn't very manly, but it was funny. on arriving in lexington i decided to get my comic books (another one of my manly features). during this time i noticed we had something in common. we enjoyed making fun of people. so between the dancing and multiple stops, we made fun of a handful of people that make life difficult. it was fun. we returned home early so matt could sing show tunes with my wife angie (odd i know. manly? i still don't think so). after a few songs we sat down to watch some good movies. cocktail and the bodyguard (yeah.. not very manly either, but they were funny to us). i finally went to bed around 6:45 after waking matt up on the toilet. not sure how one falls asleep on the toilet, but all things are possible.
i write all of this to say. i love the "dancing queen". if matt can dance and act like a complete fool and still be manly.. i can admit i love that song and also be just as manly.. can't i?

i admit. a lot of this story was edited for time sake. i am not sure when this AOC man is coming to talk to me about the computer i use in the courtroom... that is the only reason i edited it.. promise.

now on to part 2 of the man of honor:

we have all heard the stories of the maid of honor sleeping with the groom the night before the wedding. we have witnessed the shock as the truth is poured onto the ground like a nice cold bottle of zima (girl's drink).. everyone is disgusted and left wondering why?

well, my dear sweet brother in-law pawl fail to this great temptation, but with a twist.

his friend courtney was getting married and he was her "man of honor". she loves pawl and trusts him with everything with in her. she wanted him by her side on the day she gave her heart, life, free will , and bank account away. pawl stands beside her smiling, but what is this? the groom is looking at pawl, but why? i will tell you why. because the night before he shared a bed with him. that is right. the man of honor slept with the groom the night before. pawl claims nothing happened. that he went to bed and woke up with the groom.

"nothing happened." he says as if trying to convince himself and those listening.
oh pawl. how much i want to believe you. really i do, but these past couple of days i have realized you are not the man i thought you once were.
i know nothing happened with you and the groom, but i just don't feel the connection we used to have. remember when we used to copy our faces in sunday school? the times we would laugh at the pain of others (oh wait...we still do that). or how about the time we were playing that board game....what were the words you said? "come on ----oh.. i can't remember!
yeah.. this is a blog not on adderall... go ahead and say it sucks.. i don't care....

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