Monday, August 27, 2007

i have failed you.

i know i promised to have a blog up about my prom life, but real life seems to have caught up with me. don't get me wrong. i have not been overly busy... i just feel lazy. it's easy for some to sit down and vomit a blog, but not me. i must think and dwell upon the subject. i must search my heart and see if the truth of the matter is really there.
i also have a roid. i know this isn't neither the time nor the place to talk about such personal things, but i really don't care at this moment. i am in pain and i want to make it go away. i should post a pic, but i will not. it is far to disturbing.
through my research on the internet i have discovered that this roid comes from me reading several comic books in one sitting (no i didn't leave the h out). also from my true love of meat (makes your poo thick and hard). two things that i love, but i must give up until my pain leaves me.
oh wait. what is this? you are never really freed from roids? you have to have them cut out? oh my gosh. how do you ask off of work for that?
me " i have to take a few sick days for a surgery."
boss " really? what kind of surgery."
me "oh it's nothing major."
boss "okay, but what is it for? i haven't noticed you sick."
me "it's kind of personal."
boss "it maybe, but i think as your boss i need to know these things."
me "ummm... ok.. i am having surgery on my butt."
boss "to actually have one? i mean. you have lived you whole life without having a butt. surely you can manage?"
me "what? you don't think i have a butt?"
boss "no you don't. it's like nothing is there?"
me "that really hurts."
boss "truth is truth."
do you see where this could lead. maybe i should try the all natural stuff. oh wait... you have to give up meat forever and use only all natural soap, shampoo, and tooth paste.. screw that..
oh... i can let my doctor stick his finger..WHERE? and push it back in WHAT..?
i think i am going to learn to live with the pain..
so.. you see.. this is why i am unable to blog. lazy and i have a pain. i just don't feel like sitting down and writing. get over it.

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Sgt. Salt said...

i know a guy who does these kinds of surgeries all the time. he charges a one time fee of $200 cash and will have you in and out in less than 2 hours. he's not licensed or anything but has a cousin who is a big time surgeon in Nashville who showed him how to do everything. i know a couple guys who have seen him and they say he's completely safe. let me know if you want more info - i think i can get you a deal if you go through me.