Monday, June 04, 2007

things i hate

public bathrooms, smart mouthed people, anything tbn, stepping in dog poop, tlc (the channel), having to play poker with people who like carrot juice, people who wear tight clothes and they shouldn't be, christian bookstores that think left behind is still cool, leaving your zipper down, having to talk to that annoying person on the phone and not being able to get a good enough excuse to get off, sitting on the plane next to a person who smells, having to act like i enjoyed college, nosey people, fat women who wear stretch pants, baptists who think they are the only true belief, going bald, getting fat, running out of d.o. when i am running late for work, being made fun of, people thinking they are cool, people who quote movies too much, people who like certain things only because they are considered cool, boxers ( Z hehe), bossy people, scary women with big hair, and people who hate the woolly worm festival.

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