Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i am sorry

my posts have been a little blah lately. it just seems like nothing fun or major is happening in my life. sure i just celebrated my anniversary yesterday (yay!!! she has made it 2 years with me). we spent most of the day in lexington shopping, eating, and looking for a swim suit. i know... it sounds really romantic, but trust me. it was what she wanted. the day before that was sunday. we had church and youth group. both were fun.. well, i am not sure you are allowed to say church is fun. the way i have seen christians act doesn't lead me to believe church should be fun, but i have a feeling it is supposed to be. i know inside my head it is fun. i have a lot of funny moments in my head. most people will never see or know. which is good. i have a way of thinking of odd things. my mind never stays in one place too long.
when i am in the courtroom i find myself trying really hard to listen to what is goin on, but by the 10th case my mind is wishing i was able to read a book or be able to sleep. sometime i really have to focus on keeping a fart in. that is dangerous. we all have gas, but for some reason passing gas in court seems punishable.
so once again i say sorry for the lazy blogs.

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