Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the good ole' days

as a kid i enjoyed watching re-runs of Batman (the campy live action show). they were fun and light hearted. i would laugh and wonder why Robin wore such short shorts.

that was my first connection to the characters.

they were bright and fun...

not until i grew older did i realize that this was not so in the comics.

Batman doesn't say "old chum". in fact he would rather throw a punch or a batarang.

he was dark and paranoid. he liked to put fear in people's hearts.

the Robin that was in the t.v. series had grown up and become Nightwing and the new Robin was annoying and soon to be dead.

as time passed, i couldn't stand watching the 60's Batman. it was not true to the comics.

wow, i now realize how big of a nerd i am .

why would i favor the darker over the lighter?

because i am a fallen man?

because i enjoy violence?

who knows.

what brought all of this on? while surfing the World Wide Web i found a book that talks about the influence Batman (60's show) had on a generation and on comics. it got me to thinking about sick days at home watching Batman and woody wood pecker. sigh... i hate getting older.

randomness seems to be flooding my mind today.

i can't connect my thoughts and i am just allowing them to spew onto the keyboard.

a dangerous thing this is (my inner Yoda is speaking). then i look down at my Chuck Taylor's and purple western shirt and wonder...when did i start dressing like a geek?

i think i am reaching that in between age. i am too old to wear the young men's t-shirts with skulls and i am too young to wear "members only" jackets with elastic waist jeans.

it's a bad place to be. it's kind of like middle school. you don't know where you fit.

i am afraid of becoming an adult who tries to act cool. what am i to do?


that is what i will do. i will have my second childhood through him. he better be ready to watch super friends and play with he-man action figures.

btw: while cleaning out my basement i found a bunch of my action figures. there was one i always enjoyed playing with. his name was fistor (really odd name). he had a huge silver hand. why would Mattel name one fistor? just sounds so... umm... wrong.

plus: why did they have nipples?

think about it.


Shark Bait said...

I prefer to think that we favour the dark over the light because we recognie truth and realism in the dark...

But sadly I think you're right about our fallen and violent nature. :-(

(And by we, I mean you and me of course. I'm sure everyone else is fine.)

Tommy said...

of course everyone else is fine!!! :)