Friday, March 26, 2010

snuggle bunnies

i have tried for the past couple of days to write a blog that would be funny or entertaining, but nothing seemed to come to mind, and if it did come to mind... i have had to stop myself from writing it.

i have found that some times i can write things that possible could hurt some people's feelings. it's not like i mean to (unless i really am setting out to make fun of a certain group), it just happens.

for example, a woman that i have known for a long time came into the office and needed some help. right after she left i wanted to sit down and write a blog about her and her family.

let me explain.

about 2 years ago at a relay for life, there was a three legged race. this lady's family had been winning everything. they weren't quiet about it either... so i decided that ang and i would enter the race. i am not very competitive, but for some reason i could not handle letting them win another game. the fact that they did the "suck it" move with their arms just made me even more annoyed. who does that? well, besides the wrestler all oiled up in a speedo... and that in it's self is wrong on so many levels.

so, ang and i tied my right and her left leg together. we practiced for awhile and i felt very confident. my wife is in excellent shape and i am on the fence with my physical abilities. still, i knew we could beat this family. i mean, the mom is in her forties (with a lot of..ummm.. we will call it baggage) and their daughter is only eleven.

ang and i stood ready.
the whistle blew.
we took off running.
we were way ahead.
then like every good athletic story...something tragic happens. angie falls.
what does one do?
in that split second i had to make a choice.
do i stop and help my wife up and let this family of loud mouths win or do i pick her up and keep running? i did neither.
they were quickly approaching...
so i did what i thought was best..
i just ran...
dragging angie behind me. sure she screamed and yelled. i even think she came close to crying, but crying is not for winners (of course i am not sure if that is even the truth... i rarely win).

we won that race... sure not without a price. angie had bruises for a few weeks, but the satisfaction of knowing that we beat that family... ahh... that was the best feeling.
sure they kicked my butt in turkey bowling right after that, but still.. they lost to me in the three legged race. to me... the comic book nerd that hates to sweat.

normally i would write a whole blog talking about that, but i am not going to.
i am going to work on my skills and not allow my past problems with others take over my blogging.


Shark Bait said...

You dragged your wife over the finish like and still won?

I am not sure if I am impressed or distrubed by that. I'm going with both.

Tommy said...

be impressed.

Angie said...

This happened the night of the last day of school for the summer. When I went back to school in August, I still had the bruise.

danny said...

to be fair, you do bruise easily, ang.