Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my father-in-law steve, the great teacher

i have learned a lot from my father-in-law.

as a teen he taught me a lot about God and how to work paddle boats.

as a young adult he showed me how to change my oil.

even how to put up with the worst in people.

these things have stuck with me. he has always been a good example...


one thing he never taught me was how to dress...

thank you steve for everything you did and did not teach me.
(this is not an actual photo of steve, but trust me... he owns the outfit).


Anonymous said...

I admit I had shorts like that in the 70's, but:
1. They were "in"
2. I was skinny.

I have more fashion sense today.


Tommy said...

you have me there... you are real GQ these days.

Tony York said...

He wears daisy dukes?

Tommy said...

he "says" he used to.