Monday, August 24, 2009

no toys allowed (unless mommy say so)

friday night ang, riley, and i headed to lexington. we figured (i mean... i figured) i would pick up my comics and find a few things for riley.

while in target i thought i would see if i could find riley a table for him to play on. once i entered the toy section he started going crazy. crying really loud. so i handed him a little laptop for babies. he was quiet as he played.
ang and i both know how much he likes to play with my laptop, so i figured i would buy it for him.

i found ang in the food section and showed her my great find. i puffed my chest out with pride and smiled for how well i knew my son's needs.

she told me to put it back.

her reasoning was "we don't need to buy him things he will only play with a few times."

so i took it back.

it broke my heart to know that he would not be leaving with something... so i picked up a little stuffed toy.

she told me to take that back (she claims she is not that bad of a nag...).

our next stop was babies r us.
we found some nice clothes and some cute little shoes.

while ang was looking for some more clothes, i thought i would take him to look at the toys.

yelling, and crying followed...

i tried my hardest to keep him happy, but he wants what he wants.

ang came and offered to take over while i looked at some clothes for him.
the next thing i know i see her walking towards me carrying the same laptop i wanted to get him.

"should we get this for him?"


needless to say... he has a laptop now.

angie admits that it was my idea, but i know now how it works...

mommy has to say it is "ok" before riley can have any fun...

that's ok... i plan on making sure he loves cartoons more than math. that will teach her.


Tommy said...

IN MY DEFENSE, I said "should we get this for him" in a tone that meant i was giving in to what Tommy wanted to do in the first place. I never gave off the impression that it was my idea. And I think any one who has ever had children of their own would agree that it is pointless to buy your child yet ANOTHER stuffed toy.

Tommy said...

sorry, that last comment was from angie

broadwelljackie said...

I agree Angie about the stuffed toy. My God I have thousands upon thousands and what does his sibs still buy him? I've gave them away only to have it replace by 2 more of the same!!!!

Tony York said...

I distinctly remember a disney cartoon where the characters are playing pool. The cartoon was completely wasted on me because they kept showing mathematical equations through the whole thing. Sometimes math can ruin cartoons.

Tommy said...

math destroys more than cartoons... trust me on that my friend.