Friday, May 08, 2009

i do not practice what i preach

i am a huge fan of preaching God's love and how we should show it to everyone (not just the ones we would like to offer it to), but i failed this week after arguing my case this past sunday.

some of you may not remember that my blog address/ name used to be enoch the hitch hiker. i picked this name because i have always picked up hitch hikers. i found their company some what enjoyable. some would tell stories of how they are down on their luck, how God is still a big part of their life (right up there with pot), or how they are walking across this beautiful state. some times they even brought along a turtle or snake they had found on the side of the road.

but here recently i have been avoiding picking up hitch hikers. since i have started working here, i have picked up at least 3 people who i have seen sent to jail and knowing what they have done makes it really hard for me to help them out. mix that with me being a father and the fact the higher ups at work tell us that we are not to socialize with the criminals.

when i drive past them i hurt. i hurt because i want to help them. i don't want to let fear stop me from helping them.

so i become like the type of christian i cannot stand... i pray for them and go on.


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

glenn rogers was a hitch hiker in the area in the late 90's. remember him? he was a serial killer. no more hitch hikers, tommy. sometimes christian behavior is using the good sense the Lord gave you, not feeling sorry for the devil's disciples.

oooh, that was harsh of me. especially coming from the "frozen chosen" presbyterian blog reader.

Tommy said...

did you know my mother-in-law had to go to l.a. and testify in that case. she talked to him the day they got him.

i am using my good sense the Lord gave me... that is also the reason why i floss the three T's...