Monday, January 05, 2009

marley and me

this will be one of the times i will regret confessing my lack of manliness.
i will share a part of me that most have never seen.

saturday night a few of us went to the movies. we all agreed to watch marley and me. very funny movie, but very sad.

since i recently lost my best friend (wondergirl), it was hard for me to contain the tears.

so there i sat in the theater crying. my wife hardly shedding a tear.

i tried to think of ways to cover up that i was crying, but none worked.

i am such a sap.


Tony York said...

Saw the show with my family... cried twice. Once because I felt compassion for the couple as they went through their miscarriage... and once again when Marley was passing.

My wife and youngest daughter were tore up by the movie.

My oldest daughter seemed to be the one who was strongest through the whole thing.

SRoSeNcRaNs said...

anytime you are feeling nostalgic, i have the reincarnate of marley at my house and you are welcome to come visit. he now goes by the name ruby and is in the body of a wild and crazy labradoodle.
i really would like to see a rematch between you and the cinnamon. make sure it's filmed, please.