Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the hair on my forehead

this will be a short blog. i have a court trial this week and i am on my short lunch break.. so i must keep this brief. let me just say.. i found a long hair on my forehead. now you maybe thinking "cool". that would be cool if it were where my hair once used to be (i am slowly going bald. my father in-law says it is from making fun of him as a kid, but i think it is because some jerks in college poured paint thinner in my hair after i dyed it black and it turned purple. i looked like an old woman. no wonder my dad wasn't too proud of me when i was in Bible college), but it was in the middle of my forehead. it was long too. i mean really long. ok. not long enough to pull back into a ponytail, but long enough to see from the side. thankfully it was blond, but how long was it there and did anyone else notice it? i pulled the hair out and just was amazed. it was huge! i am becoming one of those old men with hair growing in funky places. what have i become? i am planning on buying one of those nose hair trimmer things and just use it all over. now that is a mental picture everyone needs!

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